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The yard has a range of vessels available for salvage and towing operations.

The main workhorse is the heavy duty timber constructed craft FROLIC 11, built in the 90's by the yard. She is 42' long, 16' beam with a 4' draft weighing approx. 20 tonnes. She is equipped with a Kort nozzle giving 1.35 tonnes of bollard pull. A clear aft deck and low transom enables the hydraulic aft gantry to assist in lifting operations.

A two tonne hydraulic capstan allied with powerful block and tackles ensure most objects capable of being carried. The object can be lifted from the seabed though it is more common place for a diving team to use air flotation bags to give the initial lift in salvage operations. Manoeuvring is aided by a hydraulic bow thruster.

Salvage boat 'Frolic'Mounted to the port side is a 3 tonne hydraulic crane fitted with a winch enables loads to be handled on deck. Pieces of equipment can be lifted off vessels alongside. A salvage pump is also fitted.

Designed primarily for bouy handling in shallow waters FROLIC II has the ability to dry out on a falling tide and stay upright.

FROLIC I is a 40' vessel currently being converted for special duties.

SHEILA is a 23' steel workboat used mainly for harbour and inshore duty, but is an invaluable aide when working in tandem with FROLIC II on salvage operations.

EMMA is a Tornado 5.8 metre R.I.B. enabling a fast response to various situations.

FROLIC II and the yard perform duties for local yacht clubs, laying and retrieving racing marks and moorings. She is also employed by Bembridge Harbour to maintain fairway marks.

The R.N.L.I. also employ the services of the yard, including FROLIC 11 to maintain, store, lay and retrieve the main lifeboat moorings of Bembridge, Selsey and Calshot.


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