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Repairs & Maintenance
Boat Modernisation  & Modification
Boat Salvage & Towing
Renovation of old boats
Boat Storage
Spray Painting




Old craft, particularly classic designs have tremendous appeal to some people with a discerning eye. With our facilities and skill we can restore them to their former glory and perhaps improve their usability by incorporating modern materials. Craft from old clinker dinghys to ocean going yachts can be restored.

For example the Laurent Giles design 38ft. Centreboard sloop WHOOPER built by Woodnutts & Co in 1938 was found and purchased in Ireland. The new owner managed to sail her to the yard, where after a thorough inspection all dilapidated parts were removed, in fact all that remained of the original was the hull, ballast keel, deck beams, some fittings and the original wooden mast! She was completely restored with the aid of the original drawings, but using modern materials and techniques and now turns peoples heads wherever she goes.

If you have an older vessel in need of some T.L.C. please contact us.


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