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Since the introduction of epoxy resin systems which impregnate timber, wooden boat building and repair techniques have changed to utilise this substance. With this in mind we have built a facility where temperature and humidity can be controlled to get the best results from epoxy. Vessels up to 50' can be housed in a clean, dry and warm environment.

Epoxy treatmentExisting wooden hulls are first stripped of their paintwork and seams raked clean. This vessel then goes through a process of extended drying, pressure washings and sanding to eventually get the hull to the correct level of water content, fairness and cleanliness. Any repairs are carried out during this time.

Seams are filled with resin mixtures and the whole hull is coated with epoxy and specialised glass fibre cloths ending up with a hull sheathed in epoxy and glass bonded into the timber. Finished epoxy treatmentThis then can be filled, sanded and faired and then painted with 2 pack paint systems, which are very hard wearing.

The end result is a very strong timber hulled vessel which does not leak, does not rot from the outside and does not need repainting every year. In fact takes the best from both wooden and GRP worlds and surpasses both.


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